The Trapped Heat

This has been an issue for years, each concerned-individual has tried the best to reduce the impact, yet the heat trapped in Earth is increasing in degrees.

Here, at Indonesia, there are no longer 6 month of Dry season (January – June) and Rain season (July -December). In returns, everyday weather could drastically changing: half day of super-hot-sunny-day, and the second half day of heavy rain pouring here.

Not only at Indonesia, it affects all over the world: Singapore, who has the best urban planning (in my humble opinion) in South-East Asia regions, has their first flood – in Orchard Road to be exact. Then recently, they happened to experience another flood (early June 2011).


What Happened?

Well, as you’ve heard everywhere, it is the “Greenhouse Effect”; where Carbon Dioxide is unable to escape perfectly through our Atmosphere. (I won’t use any super words here) In short, those trapped gas, causing the increasing heat.


What Can We Do?

I believe that small actions will eventually sum up into a big actions. Small things that I’ve done:

  • Reducing plastic bag (somehow, this is kind of difficult when you’re living in developing country, where – even my parents – everyone is using the plastic bag)
  • Switching off the lights in daylight
  • Sharing a room with my sister (to reduce the air-conditioner usage)
  • Checking on my car’s wheel

Yet, I am not proud of myself. Those small things are just to little for this earth. I am still driving to office everyday, which contributing to the carbon dioxide (a lot!).



Video courtesy of: Matteo Negrin