Is Essential. One of the most essential thing for every living being in the world. It kept moving forward, never waiting whether you’re ready or not to move. It will always tick no matter you would prefer to have it paused.

I am a person who usually enjoy every ticking of the time, every moment given by the time. But recently, I started to blame my life condition on time. Why the time is not right? Why now? Why not later? Does time really help to solve a problem? Does time will really tell? Does time will really heal?

And then he said that problem is meant to be solved by ourselves. It is not supposed to be put aside and let time tell. The more you put it on hold, the heavier the problem will become. ┬áHe said again that time would be most probably the most evil thing in the world. It will never help to solve anything, instead it’s giving you more and more.

Something came up when he said that, and I remembered clearly the quotes in Alice: Looking Through the Glass movie – “Time is not a thief, Time is a gift. He gives before he takes.”. I told him that quotes, and we both smiles. We knew everything seemed to be unfair, seemed to be not in the right timing right now. We still don’t know what will be the solution; yet we agreed, that indeed Time is a gift.

If you remembered clearly, every single persons and living things in this world is given every second to act, to care, to love, to grow, to think, to breath, to move, to react, etc. The act that we choose to do in every ticking second is what Time gave us to shape our future, to shape our relationships, to shape our life. However, as nothing is forever, Time will eventually take. But long before he take, he give. We should celebrate Time, we should embrace Time, we should thank Time. We tend to remember clearly when he take, but do we remember the long journey when he give? There are a lot of things we could do and say, yet because we’re that selfish human, we let it go easily. We took Time for granted, and we blame him when it’s the moment he take it.

Don’t take Time for granted, don’t waste it. Time has been giving his love to us by giving first. Don’t let yourself get angry when it’s the moment Time demand back his take. When Time is taking back his share, smile as we know that we have utilized what he’s giving us in the best way we can. Whether we failed or succeed along the pathway, we should celebrate it when the Time is done. Because Time is a gift.