Those funny letters creating one fruitful meaning in my world: Friends. I remembered back when I just started to begun my college years, I’ve decided to not start close relationship to any of the new person I met. In return, I got my best friends there. It’s baffling me that it has been 10 years this year that we’ve been friends.

And then, I go to work. Generally, you don’t get best friends at work, you get colleagues, leaders, bosses, etc. It’s funny how I ended working at this company where everybody seems to be another body’s best buddy. From working hour to weekends, everyone is doing it together. It might sounded like we live in a very small community, but no, we’re expanding. It is still the greatest feeling I have ever since.

From those I’ve met, hanged out with; I found this particular 2 persons, whose really “grabbing” me. I just can’t stop looking after/to them. For me, both of them are my super role-models.

One of them kept me on the ground with her sensible thought. I could be gone mad as hell, and she could just mention a sentence that totally make sense and I would suddenly calm down. We had our moment, in the past 6 years of friendship, we had that moment when perhaps we hate each other. We pissed of over simple things, like deciding where to eat, or where to go, or even her pissed of me for being to nuts over tidying up things. But we never stopped being friends, from eavesdropping next-table’s conversation in cafe, telling your secrets, being slouchy together and angry together.

If not because of her, I thought I could be not as sensible as I am today. I have this thrive to easily burned out and fired back whenever something tick me off. Because of her, I learned the most that you just have to take a deep breath, do the thinking first, and then act. It’s still not an easy thing for me, but I’d say, it’s a progress.

While the other, it’s quite magical on how a regular coffee moment every morning every day before we started working could turn us into the best buddies. He is a great person, a great leader with the most cynical attitude I’ve ever met. Yet, he is one of the smartest, the most logical, and surprisingly has quite some similar attitude and thinking with mine.

I learned from him that having an ambition as wide as the sea is good. I learned that baby step of doing the ambition need to be done, and those baby step will be always the hardest. I learned that even a baby step is a super hard work, I learned that when you fall down, you just have to get up and walk forward. Fix everything wrong, avoid to do the mistake second time, and do it again. Yes, he is cynical, but I’ll say he has even more positive attitude that the average person has.

In a way, these two persons have balanced out my personality in the past years. I wouldn’t trade them with anything else. So, for both of you, I send you with my biggest gratitude and love for always standing beside me. Annoyed me, taught me, cursed with me, built me and just being there as my best of best-est friends.

Love you to the moon and back!