The idea pretty much speak for itself. Many has said that the only constant thing in this world is change. I am pretty much totally with others with this. The only question is how do you want to face change?

As I get older, I feel/see that accepting change is getting harder and harder. I spent few months on contemplating what’s going on in my mind that I can’t accept a change well just as I had last time. Guessed that “empty glass, half-filled glass and full-filled glass” theory really apply here. It’s perhaps that my bases, my built has been getting bigger and stronger; that with a change, shaking the bigger foundation has just gone harder.

Change in a way as Challenge

I see that sometimes change comes mostly as a challenge. With us getting harder to accept the change, it just makes us feel that the challenge has just somewhat goes even crazier. A dear friend of mine once said: “Challenge is like a barrier, a wall. You could say that the height of the wall represent the level of difficulties. It’s your choice, on whether you are running along the wall; or you climb those freaking wall and see the whole new world behind that wall.”

The analogy pretty much round up everything. When you picked to run along the wall, you decided that you are enough at that point. Let the world change outside that wall, but you’ll stay there, because it’s already your comfort zone. When you choose to climb those wall and started to see the other wall, you decided that you want to accept the change, see the whole new things.

I used to think that climbing the wall is something I must do. That’s the only thing to improve myself; while running along is just basically a coward thing to do. But as I am typing this piece of words, I see that no choice are incorrect. Those who choose to run along the wall might have been satisfied with what they already achieved. Those who choose to run along the wall perhaps because they has found a new path to new wall, new things to be dig further. It’s just not the same wall as what you’ve faced. For them, it is not the wall they are facing, it is the crossing path that they are seeing; perhaps they are just choosing to have another way of life.

I came to realize that I am still taking this straight road, combating and climbing with the walls. At this state, I want to change the current “level” I am at; I want an “upgrade”. But the demons of climbing are never easy; it’s not easy but it doesn’t necessarily dull. It has its moment, and revelation of what you’ve come across. How high you’ve actually climbed those walls, how far you are actually from the ground level. Sometimes, it change you as a cocky person. Sometimes, it helped you to be a humble person. You just have to be reminded that every people is fighting on different walls, different paths. The change in other could impact on you, but you can always choose, on whether you want to change toward their direction, or differently. None are wrong, none are correct; no judgment can be done as we all have different dreams.