Two O One Five

Hey, it’s 2015!

When’s the last time blogging? Oh no, it was May 23rd, 2013! The resolution of doing a piece of writing on each month during 2012 seemed to be applicable for what, 12-18 month only? Shame on me 🙂

Well, a lot of things have been happened (of course! Did you expect the earth for not rotating? Ha!). I’ve changed, people changed, everything changed. And suddenly I realized, “Ah, maybe this is the time for writing again.”

Hopefully I am staying; although there might be near none reader, I’ll keep on writing. Because I am a little bit that narcissistic person who turn out to be happy reading my past writing. Kidding, I just love how the writing reminds me of what I’ve gone through, what I’ve learned and where I would like to go.

So, I am welcoming myself back! *finger crossed”

At my favorite Cafe in the past year – Blumchen.


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