Who don’t love to get a gift? Well, I think everybody do love a gift. It showed that somebody really care for us. It showed that somebody really thought of us. Recently, my colleagues went for vacation and he back with souvenirs for each of us at the office. I think it was really thoughtfull of him, and I don’t think I am really thanking him on the souvenirs.

Why am I thinking that I am not really thanking him on the souvenir? Well, when he gave me the gift, it kind of surprising, because I was new to the team. I don’t expect to get one, and it kind of awkward to be that expressive (I am not the type of “expressive” person, I am more like “serious”). Not that I am not like getting a gift, but I don’t get used to get a gift.

Maybe this has a connection with my way of growing up. My parents gave us gift in each of our birthday – well, it’s really expected. Whenever my uncles/aunties went for vacation, they would bring some souvenirs as well. But, when you’ve grown up, this kind of things are fading away. People love to get gifts for youngsters, because they think it is cute, but when you’re a grown up already, gift is no longer necessary because you became more independent. I am really fine with this thought, I think it is supposed to be like that. But then, in term of gift, I am more “giver” than “receiver”. I don’t mind spending money for buying non-sense things to my sister. I don’t mind spending more for my parents’ anniversary gifts. I don’t mind spending money for my brother/sister’s birthday. I DO love to give them gift. It just, that happy feeling when you see that they unwrapped the wrapping paper, openning the box, and get to know what’s inside.

Therefore, it felt really awkward whenever somebody giving me a gift. I don’t know how to react. Some able to express their gratitude by smiling widely and saying their gratitude in a loud and expressive way. Well, I realized that I am just smiling awkwardly and saying thank you and than that’s it. But  you know, it doesn’t mean I am not happy, I just don’t know how to react (it’s even worst if the gift is given in a really-really-really unexpected time).


So, dear friend-who-had-gave-me-present, I am sorry if it seemed like I am not happy with my gift. It’s not that I am not happy with your gift, it just I am not used to getting a gift. But, deep inside my heart, I am really gratefull of every gifts you have gave me. Each of the gift is just so precious.


Friday night at office, waiting for the traffic to get slightly better (you know Jakarta in Friday night with rain).


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