Friday Dining Out

This title has been stuck in my draft for around 4 months; yet, I’ve never started it. Today, it will be not only a title anymore.


As I have said many time (perhaps not in this post), I am truly a blessed person, who landed in a such a great place as my first job after I graduated. This is also another ritual-turned-habit that is just precious.

It started with one of my colleague asked me out on Friday night to have some dinner with girls. I remembered back then, the friday night dinner was attended by girls. If I am not mistaken, it was around 4-7 girls. Well, times went on, and some of the girls, resigned, moved to another company. Until at one period, the regular gang that went out for dinner is always me, 2 of my best friend-slashed-colleauges, and 1 girl who had resigned before I even landed on that company. It was nice though, until one of them was moving to Singapore, one decided to pursue her post-graduate degree in Australia, and only 2 of us remained.

It kind of sad that the team was declined periodically. But then, life goes on, people come and go, and you need to adapt, right? So, we (the 2 people left) decided to invade other dinning group. It’s the more “senior” group (when I said senior, it doesn’t necessary old 😛 it just they have been in the company minimum 4-5 years ahead from us). This group are bigger, with crazier variety of dining places than previous one. On fairness, both cannot be compare because both have their own fun.


Well, I was thinking that this kind of activity is really fun. Until few month ago, I found out that this is not just fun, but it is something really precious for me. I don’t realize that when Monday has came, I eager for Friday, not because the weekend for the first place, but for the chances meeting friends on Friday night. Yes, you read this often in my posts, I’ve been moving to other company, which makes this dining out even felt more and more precious. I get the chances to meet with beloved friends, I get the chances to talk non-sense with them, I get the chances to update any gossips and talks that happened around my friends, I get the chances to have serious-talk when I am down, I get the chances of joking around with them, and the most important of all, I get to know that my life probably has changed, but my friends remain beside me.


I am considering this as my way of balancing my life. Work has been great and tough at the same time (but it is really full of great and interesting challenge). But then, as the old wise Chinese said: Yin and Yang, I need to have fun as well. Friday dining out is just great, and I am grateful that back then, my colleagues were persistent to ask me out despite of my early few rejections.


Karawaci, 26 February 2012. 30th posts at WordPress, and I think I will finally put my blog address on my social networking profile. 🙂



To DO List

Hey ya there! I have been quite busy as a bee since the last post; suddenly I realized “Look! It’s all most the end of February already!”. Not much writing on this topic, just throwing up some point of view on to do list. 🙂


I’ve wrote that I am actually a neat freak, this also happened for my work. I will always pile up everything in order, and I do find out that the to do list things help me the best. Once, I compared the way I work when I used to do list and when I don’t. Somehow, I am (probably) suggested that when I’ve wrote down what to do, I need to tick it. In order to tick it I have to do it, therefore, there are no works missed. But when I don’t do any to do list, I tend to forgetting what I am supposed to do.

Well, I got to admit that sometimes I am so lazy to make any to do list, but I forced myself to do so. Here’s some peek to my to-do-list at a post-it note:

… or in my binder page:


Anyway, have a good weekend! 🙂


P.S. It really does give you a happy feeling when you are able to tick it one-by-one! 😉

What’s Your Hobby?

There is a quite interesting office test I went through few years ago. Every applicant who has gone through the last test is required to make an analysis and presentation using a string of market data. Other than that, there is an extra task to do: making one presentation slide explaining about my own hobby.

I don’t know about other countries culture; but in Indonesia here, most of people are tend to be confused when they are asked about “what’s your hobby?” Therefore, there is some most common “hobby” mentioned by people:

  • Reading books
  • Watching movies
  • Listening to music/song
  • Travelling (travelling here include: walking around department stores, it doesn’t necessary travelling to other cities or to other travel sites – well maybe it’s better to be called “wandering around” :P)

Let’s get back to what is hobby first; based on Wikipedia, “hobbies are practiced for interest and enjoyment, rather than financial reward. Examples include collecting, creative and artistic pursuits, making, tinkering, sports and adult education”.

I am not saying that people who mentioned reading books, watching movies, or listening to music/song are just clueless about their hobby, it just we need to re-look, and redefine is that really our hobby? Are those really our interest? Are we really enjoying the process of doing those things? If you are able to say yes for both questions, it is your hobby anyway.

Why am I writing about hobby? I remember, once a person who I really look for among my colleagues, said “hobby is the way of balancing your life, everyday; you’ve been working from days to nights. What’s balancing? Hobby will do it for you”. Since then, I kept on asking what’s hobby for me, it’s not supposed to be what I am good at, it just what I love to do the most. Wikipedia gave a very good example, a Chef love and interested in playing game, while a Professional Gamers love to do cooking. When you are doing it as a numeration, I agree, it’s no longer a hobby. In my humble opinion, when you said I love my current job because it is my hobby, I’ll going to response, it is no longer your hobby. You’ve just upgraded your hobby definition into “passion”. I think it has quite significant difference.


So, I passed the test, I got the job, and my hobby is reading books ;). I am interested in books: the content, the writer, the mind mapping of the writers, the layout, the papers, the cover, the borders, the size, and every little detail in the books. I enjoy reading, I got some “me” time by reading, and if I found out the story very interesting, I am able to tell you the full detailed story.

What’s your hobby mate? 🙂

Jakarta, February 2nd, 2012. When I realized I haven’t spent too much time reading my books collections.