Something to be grateful for…

I am thinking, I am so much selfish lately; being ungrateful of what I have.

Browsing on Facebook, I realized one of my high-school friend is cutting her hair off (literally off). It’s kind of weird that a girl would prefer on bald head in Indonesia here, unless you’ve some health issue. Scrolling more, she told her friends that she is having chemotherapy due to some rare tumor.

It’s kind of amazing seeing her still smiling, embracing the fact of her illness, still facing the world as if everything is fine. It makes me realize I am very blessed, for having a great family, great health, and everything good. It makes me feel ashamed that I am still dissatisfied with things; that I am grumpy all day, that I mad at everyone in the road.


Someone out there might be suffering, yet I am living this great life with no respect. So, life, today I am apologizing to you for not being grateful, and thank you God of what I have. Give Your best blessing to my friend, so she will get healthy soon.

Happy Sunday dear world. 🙂