Objective and Satisfaction

Yesterday, I crossed over my friend’s writing called “Sunday Thoughts – Complacency“. Somehow, his writing reminds me to keep on track with what I’ve decided when I moved to the new company. So, the writing started with him joining an event with Sandiaga Uno (one of the richest man in Indonesia according on Forbes Magazine) as the speaker. In that event, Sandiaga was talking about the middle class growth in Indonesia; Sandiaga then advising on the audience on how we grow and what should we do in this situation.


Here’s some of his writing:

…in Q&A session, an audience asked to Sandiaga what should Indonesian do differently to be able to compete with another country. Sandiaga said: we should not easily satisfied of ourselves. This satisfaction has caused Indonesian left behind by other country. Indonesian has lulled by the natural wealth and the potentials inside. 

Sandiaga’s answer remind me of what Sri Mulyani said in one of her interview. Sri Mulyani stated her opinion about how Indonesians are easily flattered and motivated; however, the motivation and/or the passion is not long-lasting. Again, satisfaction has been the root cause.

My lecturer once said, most of the time satisfaction has became the biggest obstacle in someone growth. This, usually, caused by no clear objective or target to be achieved. 

For example, when we are at school, we did have a clear objective: as accepted in national university. Then, we would do everything to get there. So is during university periods, we study hard to get high GPA in order to smoothening our career path in a good company. 

Unfortunately, as soon as we are graduated, most of us has lost the objective and target to be achieved.

Only few of us started working with clear objective for our careers. Most of the time, we let everything flow without our control. Unconsciously, we are infected by satisfaction…


Few paragraphs above from the writing reminds me that, I am used to be “in control” (read: had objectives and target) during my school and university years. I’ve to admit that, I am at my best when I know what exactly I wanted. It will be great if you can set the goal as clear as you can; it will be even better if you can put measurable goal. For example, losing weight, when you are stating how much you want to lose, you’ll be doing much much better.


I know this is sounds frightening as goal sounds so ahead in the future. With the world’s current dynamic, I prefer to set “present” goal. I was once confused, making decision on moving has pushed me to set the goal. Now, I have renewed my goal for then next 1-2 years, and it helped me to more focus and know what exactly I am going to do.

Some will ask, what will you do when the goal has been achieved? It’s simple, make another goal, because sky is no longer limit, there is no limit actually. As my friend’s writing, he put Steve Jobs quote: “Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish!”

The original writing is written by Ricky Tjok.

Copied paragraph has been permitted by him as well. Thank you. 🙂


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