Farewell Note

The last day at Nielsen Indonesia has started, and here’s the farewell note:


Some may say picture speaks a lot of stories, I said words describe the best of everything; but now, both will never able to fully capture the story and describe the best.


Two years and 5 months are short. But each days had been a really great experience for me. I would like to say thank to each one of you for making this short journey one of the best things I’ve ever had. As quoted from one of you: “Friends are sometimes parting ways”; I am departing now. We might have a different side of road now, but the scenery and scenes I’ve passed will never be forgotten; and one day (hopefully), we’ll find some intersection to meet.

Well, in my defense, I would say, “I won’t talk much in the farewell note here, as I don’t want you to be distracted from your work”; but the truth is I  am wordless, as my words will never able to tell you how honored and grateful to have the opportunity of working with you. Therefore, until we meet again dearest friends, we are just few blocks apart! (Well, not that close, but you know, it’s quite close :)).


Thank YOU.

Warmest Regards,



Until we meet again dearest friends 🙂


Karawaci, on the last day at the first company I joined after I was graduated.


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