Cleaning Up Emails

I was cleaning up my office emails recently, as I will move out on October 24th. After 1.5 hours of cleaning, I found out this incredible email that suited really well with the previous blog I’ve written.

Last year, on early February, 2010; our office had a quite big changes in structure. There were 2 big teams called Category Insight (CI) and Client Facing (CF). Basically, CF serve the client more, and CI has a lot of categories to be learned. Well, almost all newbie were CI team. So, we had this mentor: Pak TY; he asked us to watch the “Steve Jobs Speech at Stanford University”; and gave a comment about it. Here’s my reply to him:


From: Salim, Meirika
Sent: Tuesday, February 09, 2010 11:37 AM
To: TY
Subject: [CI – Assignment] Steve Jobs Speech at Stanford University

Dear Pak TY,


Sorry for my late submit for your assignment. Here’s the paper:


“You’ve got to find what you LOVE”

For me, the quote above is the most substantial sentence in Steve Jobs’ speech.

Since I was in Junior High School, this sentence already screamed out loud in my mind each day (of course, until today).

When I was in Junior High, I said I really love Science, so when I was in Senior High, I would take Science major.

And I did it.

When I was in High School, I said I want to go to university majoring in Industrial Engineering.

I also did it.

I love being in control of every aspect of my life, this is why I really knew where I will going to be when I was in Senior High and University.

But, when I entered to work life, I realize that things are just not meant to be in control all the time. This life moves so fast that you can’t always take control of what you wanted.

That’s why; the “connecting dots” from Steve Jobs really encourage me. It make me realizes that even our life seems to be so scattered, in the end, when I have found what I love, those dots will connect into a one path to the end.

So, for me, I am still looking what I love the most. Right now, right here, I am in one of my life-dots. Maybe this is the last dots if I found out that, this is what I wanted, what I loved. Maybe, this is just one of the dots-path to the final. And maybe, this is the end, but yet, I’ve to pass some more dots to return to this dot.


Enough saying. I am going through another dots to see which one will connect well. 🙂


Jakarta, at office – 13 days to go for new office


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