Next Chapter’s Opening: First Week

Last week, I was all gloomy; who thought that a week passed by so fast? There is a quote saying that “every firsts are the hardest”. To think of that, it is true that parting ways with the “family” is hard; but learning new things is not hard. I would like to replace the word from “hard” into “interesting”.

On my previous trip to Bali, we went to Waterboom. Of course, there are a lot of tourists there: from adult, teens, kids, and even infants. In one of the ride’s queue, a cute little girl asked her dad: “Daddy, will it be scary?”, her father answered: “No, sweetheart, it will be FUN.” We practically smiled brightly for that father’s answer. It was her first time taking a quite extreme ride (well, we know that water park’s ride is usually a high slides) and her father had just change her mind set of seeing things.


I am using this method for the first week. I am not going to bluff out that I am not scared at all; to be honest, deep inside – it is really scary to have a new step. Especially when you are stepping it by your own. It has been a while that I feel secure inside a shell; I knew exactly the condition, the rules, and everything insides. But now, I really need to break the shell and moving on my own. BUT, I kept encouraging myself, the scary part could stay, as long as it is on the bottom rank of all feelings/moods I brought at the first day. That scary part cannot be removed, because it makes me human.

So, I stepped in, trying my best to show what I am capable of. And then, without me realizing, first day has finished, with quite a lot of introductions of the company basics. How’s the first day? Is it good? Let’s see, I went home without lacking on anything; ah, I survived the first day then :).


Then, second day came, in the morning, I was asked to join the meeting with my previous company (basically, my previous work place is the best market research company in Indonesia for retails; currently, my company is one of my previous company’s biggest clients). This is really interesting, to sit down in different side of point of view. I was forced to switch the view fast, from the agency side, to the client side. The level of challenge had just increased 1 points *getting excited*. At noon, it turns out there is another training on “Shopper Behavior”; as soon as the training finished, another few points – again – just added for the challenge’s level.

Somehow, third day has became the “welcoming day” for me, as suddenly, my help was needed as the previous handler was over loaded; and there was sudden request there. That day, was the first for me having lunch and working at the same time. No matter how busy I was, I was able to manage my lunch time, but that day, it was totally out of control. I am not proud of it, and obviously not making it as a habit. But, you know, it was urgent. When I got back home that day, I just realized that my eyes are really tired of looking those numbers. Funny thing was again, this is interesting.


Along this week, my colleague explained in a very great structured way (I respect her a lot of making this new things easier for me to learn) about every job’s routine that need to be done along the year. The more she talk, the more I am confused. The more I confused, the more I curious. The more I curious, the more I am getting excited. It’s like we are looking at the new toys, even though we have played with the small part of the toys, as the toys are bigger now, there are a lot of new parts to be played with. Here’s the reality, yes, I am getting more scared, with the thought of: “What if I cannot do it? What if I cannot perform?”, but again, I realized that others survived, which means I will be as well.

I just need to change my mind set to: “It will be FUN” 🙂



Karawaci, 28 October 2011 on opening week of the next chapter in life.



Objective and Satisfaction

Yesterday, I crossed over my friend’s writing called “Sunday Thoughts – Complacency“. Somehow, his writing reminds me to keep on track with what I’ve decided when I moved to the new company. So, the writing started with him joining an event with Sandiaga Uno (one of the richest man in Indonesia according on Forbes Magazine) as the speaker. In that event, Sandiaga was talking about the middle class growth in Indonesia; Sandiaga then advising on the audience on how we grow and what should we do in this situation.


Here’s some of his writing:

…in Q&A session, an audience asked to Sandiaga what should Indonesian do differently to be able to compete with another country. Sandiaga said: we should not easily satisfied of ourselves. This satisfaction has caused Indonesian left behind by other country. Indonesian has lulled by the natural wealth and the potentials inside. 

Sandiaga’s answer remind me of what Sri Mulyani said in one of her interview. Sri Mulyani stated her opinion about how Indonesians are easily flattered and motivated; however, the motivation and/or the passion is not long-lasting. Again, satisfaction has been the root cause.

My lecturer once said, most of the time satisfaction has became the biggest obstacle in someone growth. This, usually, caused by no clear objective or target to be achieved. 

For example, when we are at school, we did have a clear objective: as accepted in national university. Then, we would do everything to get there. So is during university periods, we study hard to get high GPA in order to smoothening our career path in a good company. 

Unfortunately, as soon as we are graduated, most of us has lost the objective and target to be achieved.

Only few of us started working with clear objective for our careers. Most of the time, we let everything flow without our control. Unconsciously, we are infected by satisfaction…


Few paragraphs above from the writing reminds me that, I am used to be “in control” (read: had objectives and target) during my school and university years. I’ve to admit that, I am at my best when I know what exactly I wanted. It will be great if you can set the goal as clear as you can; it will be even better if you can put measurable goal. For example, losing weight, when you are stating how much you want to lose, you’ll be doing much much better.


I know this is sounds frightening as goal sounds so ahead in the future. With the world’s current dynamic, I prefer to set “present” goal. I was once confused, making decision on moving has pushed me to set the goal. Now, I have renewed my goal for then next 1-2 years, and it helped me to more focus and know what exactly I am going to do.

Some will ask, what will you do when the goal has been achieved? It’s simple, make another goal, because sky is no longer limit, there is no limit actually. As my friend’s writing, he put Steve Jobs quote: “Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish!”

The original writing is written by Ricky Tjok.

Copied paragraph has been permitted by him as well. Thank you. 🙂

Farewell Note

The last day at Nielsen Indonesia has started, and here’s the farewell note:


Some may say picture speaks a lot of stories, I said words describe the best of everything; but now, both will never able to fully capture the story and describe the best.


Two years and 5 months are short. But each days had been a really great experience for me. I would like to say thank to each one of you for making this short journey one of the best things I’ve ever had. As quoted from one of you: “Friends are sometimes parting ways”; I am departing now. We might have a different side of road now, but the scenery and scenes I’ve passed will never be forgotten; and one day (hopefully), we’ll find some intersection to meet.

Well, in my defense, I would say, “I won’t talk much in the farewell note here, as I don’t want you to be distracted from your work”; but the truth is I  am wordless, as my words will never able to tell you how honored and grateful to have the opportunity of working with you. Therefore, until we meet again dearest friends, we are just few blocks apart! (Well, not that close, but you know, it’s quite close :)).


Thank YOU.

Warmest Regards,



Until we meet again dearest friends 🙂


Karawaci, on the last day at the first company I joined after I was graduated.

Cleaning Up Emails

I was cleaning up my office emails recently, as I will move out on October 24th. After 1.5 hours of cleaning, I found out this incredible email that suited really well with the previous blog I’ve written.

Last year, on early February, 2010; our office had a quite big changes in structure. There were 2 big teams called Category Insight (CI) and Client Facing (CF). Basically, CF serve the client more, and CI has a lot of categories to be learned. Well, almost all newbie were CI team. So, we had this mentor: Pak TY; he asked us to watch the “Steve Jobs Speech at Stanford University”; and gave a comment about it. Here’s my reply to him:


From: Salim, Meirika
Sent: Tuesday, February 09, 2010 11:37 AM
To: TY
Subject: [CI – Assignment] Steve Jobs Speech at Stanford University

Dear Pak TY,


Sorry for my late submit for your assignment. Here’s the paper:


“You’ve got to find what you LOVE”

For me, the quote above is the most substantial sentence in Steve Jobs’ speech.

Since I was in Junior High School, this sentence already screamed out loud in my mind each day (of course, until today).

When I was in Junior High, I said I really love Science, so when I was in Senior High, I would take Science major.

And I did it.

When I was in High School, I said I want to go to university majoring in Industrial Engineering.

I also did it.

I love being in control of every aspect of my life, this is why I really knew where I will going to be when I was in Senior High and University.

But, when I entered to work life, I realize that things are just not meant to be in control all the time. This life moves so fast that you can’t always take control of what you wanted.

That’s why; the “connecting dots” from Steve Jobs really encourage me. It make me realizes that even our life seems to be so scattered, in the end, when I have found what I love, those dots will connect into a one path to the end.

So, for me, I am still looking what I love the most. Right now, right here, I am in one of my life-dots. Maybe this is the last dots if I found out that, this is what I wanted, what I loved. Maybe, this is just one of the dots-path to the final. And maybe, this is the end, but yet, I’ve to pass some more dots to return to this dot.


Enough saying. I am going through another dots to see which one will connect well. 🙂


Jakarta, at office – 13 days to go for new office