Social Creature

I remembered when I was in primary school where my social’s teacher kept stating ‘human is the most social creature’. We cannot live alone without other; no matter how independent or how we state that we are okay being alone, we are social individual.

Until my high school year, I was living with my parents. Supports and social interactions are always there. But when I move out on during my college time, conditions had changed. I am no longer living with my parents, we are still contacting each other, but it would be a total different compared to living together. In such period of time, unconsciously, I made my own so-called-family: my Friends.

I am the kind of person who says I am okay living alone and I am quite independent myself since I was young. But I’ve to admit, social support and interactions are very needed. I remembered, the first day I entered college days, I said: I didn’t need best friends or friends. Acquitance would be more than enough. The basic human’s social things proved me wrong. In just a week, I realized that my classmates in UPH Industrial Engineering class of 2005 were indeed amazing. In just 2 weeks I got a 2 very nice best friends that have ever since my best friends.

Passing college days without them would be a very terrible experience. Because without me realizing, they’ve also adding the experience and personalities to me. Departing from college wasn’t easy, but life goes on, and friends stayed as friends.

Moving on to working days. Some may say that you’ll never find best friends at workplace, best friends are only at school’s day. Well, for those people, I am truly felt sorry for them. Because I’ve found them.

Parents has built the foundation of me for perhaps about 18 years. 6 latest years I was nourished by junior-high and high school friends. 4 years of college times gave me a second ‘family’. Then since last 2 years, I am supported by the great friends at my office. How social is that?

Well, some might think that I am so dependant to others that I cannot live without the existance of those people. I will challenge to those people, of how independent I am, and how social I am as I believed on ‘yin and yang’.

For that reasons, this writing is dedicated to:
– (of course) my family: dad, mom, bro, and sis.
– hey there my college friends: Michelle Chen, Ellen Teja, and Riyanti Hamdani. You know I miss you a lot.
– and you the colleagues turned to best friends: Elsa Augustina and Sicilia Tjandra.

Written on my way home in some point of ending one chapter on my life and going through the next chapter 🙂

Jakarta, September 7th 2011


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