Which one do you choose?

I don’t know how my daughters will look back on all this twenty years from now.

Quoted from “Battle Hymn of The Tiger Mother” – page 91

Everything, even bad ones, has values. Is it a good or bad values? To decide, we will need to ask ourselves, how do we choose to see things. I believed that even unfortunate events has a good values inside it as well.


Amy Chua told us in the book that even they were in vacation, her daughters never skip their practice for piano/violin. Even though it would cause them trip cancellation on the recreation area, she would force her daughters to practice. I am not a mom yet, but as a daughter, in that kind of condition, I would be super-mad to my mom. Because, that was supposed to be vacation, where people supposed to be having fun! Not forced to practice or study!

But then, Amy wrote in her book, will her daughter look back as it was a skipped dinner, skipped recreational time, or not having any playing time; or perhaps, they’ll see it as they play the music in front of the guess as if it was a mini-concert.


Before, I also wrote something about positivity. Why am I keep writing about this things? In short, I need to be reminded, everyday, every minute, every second; that I need to see things in a better way.


Last year, the company I worked for conduct a new organizational structure. My manager had been changed. Before the announcement, many of colleagues have told me a lot of stories about how tough this person is. He worked in a totally different way with others, where many are not surviving. As a new employee, of course I was scared to be assigned after him. But then, when you’re most scared of something, it will be more likely you’ll get it. That’s what happened.

As a person, he is an inspirational guy, care with his team, and willing to help me improve my work. But working with him is tough. While working on some presentation and discussion, I argued quite a lot to him. Sometimes, it felt like you want to hit your own manager as hard as you can be. Sometimes, it felt like you’ve done your best, but it was never enough for him. It was frustrating.

Early this year, he was moving to another division. By then, I reviewed back, with my working experience with him in the past year. Well, sometimes, I am still get mad to him, just thinking of how he treat me like my work is not enough still make me hurt. But, I choose to look at the better side. He taught me a lot of things:

  • Working environment is tough. You’ll need to show off, because your promotion is depending on other’s opinion. No matter how you hate to be on office-politics, but to be seen by other, you need to show off.
  • Details are important. Doing things faster is better, but doing things fast and in details is the best.
  • Keep asking to yourself, is it enough? If you’re the one who will receive the presentation; does the slides/information enough? Does the insight great?

Yes, because of that, I can improve well. Let’s think here, if your manager never disappointed to you, or angry to you, do you think you’re doing great? If you’re so, you’ll never improve, you’ll be left behind; as other has run faster to the goals. When you’ve choose to believe on the other side, it will define your future.

So, which side of coins do you choose?

Karawaci, August 27th, 2011 – with super-sleepy-eyes


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