Obeying Rules

I was on a flight back from 4 days and 3 nights Bali trip. Our flight by AirAsia was announced to be delayed about 10 minutes due to lateness from Jakarta flight. Getting to the plane, it took about another 30 minutes for the captain to announce that we are ready for flying. This time, the 30 minutes delay wasn’t because of AirAsia. It was one of the passenger who didn’t obey (read) the rules.

At first, the crew was searching for one passenger that has checked-in, but not yet in the plane. Their system is great, because they soon asked for passenger’s report whether their acquitance was cancelling his/her flight.
Nobody reported.
Then, the crew announced that they will do another boarding pass check for all passengers. The problem solved when they found out that one passenger has 2 boarding pass instead of 1. He admitted that his friend was cancelling his/her flight. However this particular passenger checked-in his friend’s ticket, and use the baggage space for himself. The crew informed him that one of his luggage need to be unloaded from the plane as one passenger is granted for one baggage + one cabin bag (not exceeding 7kg). Oh well, you would guess it, the passenger was mad, saying he was not informed before when he was checking-in.

Let me tell you something, this AirAsia has stated very well in the rules: one people is allowed for one baggage only. It’s not their fault when they found a suspicious bag without an owner (the owner was not in the flight) and they unload the bag. So, practically, it was the passenger’s fault.

I found out that my country has some serious problem in reading rules, term and condition, or manual books before doing anything. Most of us just skip those ‘theoritical’ part to ‘practical’ part. If you’re asking why, perhaps people will answer: ‘learning by practice is faster’. Previously I wrote about OCPD. As much as I am a ‘rule’ person, sometimes I skipped the reading part as well.

Again, we need to think that those rules, term and conditions, and manual books are not made to be thrown away. Those things help us to do things in a lot easier ways. You see, when somebody is not obeying the rules, they’ll not only impacting themselves, but also another people (e.g. Delayed flight).

Some will argue that rules are made to be broke. I’ll say, you better know the rules first. When you know exactly what the rules are, you may decide whether you want to obey or disobey. Of course, both will cause something, and you need to make sure that you’ll be the only person who has to responsible for the impact. Don’t let other be responsible for you.

Written on a flight from Denpasar, Bali to Jakarta on August, 20th.

Posted as soon as I am landed.


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