Recently, I am questioning myself with this crazy question: “If I was entitled a cheat in life, what I would have as the cheat.” I posted this question on Facebook, and surprisingly, there are 2 of my friends responded on the question. One said, “eternal life” and other said “money”; while I answered “God Mode”.


Behind the Question

This is funny. You all know the feeling of you-think-someone-is-into-you-but-you’re-not-so-sure-about-it, don’t you? It happened to me, as it happened to other people. It put you on despair of questioning everything on the relationship (even though you know it was just a game, and there should not be any expectation in your relation). Somehow, I came up with the idea of wanting somebody to read my future, to get to know what exactly will be happened to me in the future. I was thinking, that way, life would be easier, I know how to “drive” the car of this “game of life”.


Why it won’t work out

BUT, as a human being, with complexity of mind, feeling, and logics; this thing will make our life super boring. You’ll think like “Oh, well, I don’t care. My life will be soon … (fill in the blank)” and you stop trying to do your best. There is one episode of Grey’s Anatomy series where Dr. George O’Maley was asked by Dr. Miranda Bailey to do everything on an-already-died-man delivered by the emergency ambulance. As a doctor, both knew that he has died, therefore O’Maley was mad, because he had to do all life-saving procedures. At the end of the episode O’Maley demand on explanation, and Dr. Bailey explained that he was asked to do all things, so at the end of the day, he could explain to the man’s family, that he has (truly) did his best.

You get the point right? This is kind of the same with the “God Mode” thing, I am “O’Maley” in this case, knowing that the man’s fate cannot be change anymore, so why would I try hard to help him? On the other hand, Dr. Bailey is teaching us that life is not predictable. You can have plan in life, you can state what is your final goal, but there are no assurances of what will happen in the end of the journey. Therefore, people will try their best, their hardest; so when they reached to the end of journey, we can said that we’ve tried our best. And at the end of the day, even though it isn’t your initial goal, the result is actually the best result you have.

I believed that most of you has heard Steve Jobs’ speech at Stanford. He was saying about “Connecting the dots”. Every single result you have, either bad or good, is the dot that he’s talking about. In reality, such idealism is hard to be applied. I am fully realized that every single day I browse through daily news, bad news will be always the top news. Good news has no fans reader and will be commented something like “why is this stupid news posted? Is it that important?” and so on, so on. Realized it or not, it affected us, it made us into such pessimistic person. I cannot command you to be optimistic, but I command myself to be one. What’s on our mind is all mattered, how you see things, and how you would try your best to do things.


Back to the Cheat

So, do I really need the cheat? Of course now, at the end of the day, this kind of life is the best we can get. Human will never satisfy on what they have, but this will make us try our best! Oh, just don’t be greedy, stay humble is the key point, and this life will just turn into a better place.


-Another note-to-self to be more grateful-


J-Town, August 4th 2011 when some shits happened today but I am grateful to get the best experience of that shits. 😉




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