Reading and Writing

‘Everything happened for a reason’ – well, I am 100% believing of that statement. No matter of the effects – good or bad, it still a reason.

I remembered that ever since I can read, I’ve read a lot of books. It is still fresh in my mind when one day when I was at 4th or 5th grade, my mom was mad at me as I was spending my whole day reading 20s comics (in a day). Comics have been my first-time-experience of reading (I still read comics nowadays).

It was in high school, when our Bahasa Indonesia’s teacher assigned us to read a novel and write a synopsis about it. At that moment, I really hated the facts of I need to write the synopsis and had to read the whole story book without single picture in it. My first novel book was something from Nora Roberts (this book should be for adult, and I was reading it when I was 16 :p). The book was originally English, but I bought the Indonesia-translation one. I had to admit that time that it turns out to be really interesting to read a book without picture. Since then, I am adding novel in my book collections.

Going to college, I bring this habbit together with me, I read more books. This time, my cousin gave me the full English novel by Phillipa Gregory – ‘The Other Boleyn Girl’. I was quite surprised by myself that I am interested well on the stories, and it turned out, English textbook was not that scary. Since then, collection has expanded through original books.

Books have been teaching me a lot. Even though some stories are fiction, I found out that it teaches me as well. Until now, I’ve read the whole series of Harry Potter (which book lover not doing this?), Jodi Picoult’s My Sister Keeper, crying over Cecilia Ahern’s P.S. I Love You, stunned by how Amy Chua writing ‘Battle Hymn of The Tiger Mother’, laughing on Miiko (Japanese comics by Ono Eriko), and digesting both Reader’s Digest and National Geographic each months.

Thank you books, I am the way I am now is contributed by you as well. šŸ™‚

I have mentioned about how I hate writing the synopsis for the assignment. Untill few months ago, writing has never crossed my minds.
Once, in high school, I had a diary, oh well, you can imagine what’s inside. Boys, boys, and boys. I was a teenager back then, what you can expect from a super-unstable-teenager? šŸ™‚
Did I re-read what I wrote? Oh yes, I did and I burned the whole diary because I was broke up with my boyfriend back then (diary contains that particular boy only). Today, I am laughing for that memory. But as my first sentence in this blog: That will happened for a reason as well. I learned my hard way that writing (despite of cheesy and stupid), have an important role of keeping memories, knowledge, ideas, and many more. Well, this statement just came into me this last one month.

All this time, I am living in an envinronment where people are too busy too read. I meet (okay, not meet, just trying to contact an old friend) couple months ago). He has time to read, and he DO reading. I though I’ve read a lot of book, but I learned that he read more. I admire you for this (okay, here’s the cheesy part of my writing today ;)). And truthfully, by you encouraging me to read, I am inspired to read more, to know more, and most importantly to write. I read his blog, I learned that ideas, knowledge, and everything in life could be recalled, by WORDS. So, thank you for inspiring me writing this blog – probably you’re reading this, I beg you not to brag this in front of me šŸ˜‰

So dear, my Friend-who-has-inspired-me and book-readers-all-of-the-world: keep reading, and writing, and inspiring the world. šŸ™‚

– Reading and Writing: July 19th, 2011 –


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