Yin and Yang

‘Life is like a wheel, sometimes you’re at the top and sometimes you’re at the bottom’ – some old proverb that just popped into my mind.


Well, I am at one my lowest today; 15 minutes before the end of the day, and all I can do is reviewing what has happened today. Learning to keep positive of all things is not an easy task; but life’s goes on.

As Chinese famous Yin and Yang spirit: everything should be in balance. Somehow today I’ve got my Yin and Yang. I am at the lowest, but at the end of the day, you see that your friends are giving something that means a lot to you: SUPPORT.

It makes me think that I am a truly blessed person.
It makes me rethink that there are more people out there have worst situation than mine. Mine was a usual-working-situation-only.

How can people not thankful of what they’ve got, if we just complained? Be grateful of what we are, remember the Yin and Yang. Balance is the best, too much of everything is overrated.


– random writing, July 4th 2011 –



*Additional on September 14th, 2011*

I got this blog post from Alexia Cahyaningtyas, who wrote regularly at The Jakarta Globe. I found that her post titled “Indonesia, Are We Addicted to Suffering?” is just like this post, keep reminding me of being grateful, and stop whining.


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